WickedTreo.com Moves to WickedMobility.com

On July 4th, 2006 the year-old www.WickedTreo.com site will be replaced by www.WickedMobility.com, a more inclusive view of mobile technology, hardware and software for the high-tech entrepreneur. This new site will be run in tandem with the former WickedTreo.com site until August 1, 2006. At that time, the WickedTreo.com site will be shut down and the URL will permanently forwarded to this site.

I’ll be keeping all the archived WickedTreo articles here, but will be
adding information about Tablet PCs, UMPCs, high-tech products that
promote mobility… and even some mobile lifestyle, voluntary
simplicity and related information, ponderings, and amusements.

If you currently have WickedTreo.com bookmarked, please replace that
URL with http://www.WickedMobility.com for future reference. I hope you will find the new site even more beneficial and helpful than WickedTreo. Welcome to my new site. Browse. Enjoy.

Angela A. Parker