Net Neutrality too Important not to Address!

I’ve been so busy since I returned from Colorado (and during the last couple weeks there and in transit) that I’ve not blogged as I should. But, even with this stack of stuff on my desk, and my overwhelming “to do” list and the stomping of fires that comes with any long trip away… I had to take a moment to talk about the Net Neutrality issue and to encourage everyone who uses the Internet to write and email their congressmen, legislators, governors… and anyone else who will listen and have an impact on getting their opinions heard.

Unless you want someone else determining what you can do online, where you can go and how much it will cost you… read on…I’ve contacted my leadership locally and have written emails and signed petitions… but this morning I read this:

I think you should become proactive here, before it’s too late. There is hope, new legislation has already been proposed… but we need to push this thing. Those of us who live on the net, who use it for information, for education, for business, for our way of life… are in serious peril. And I’m not the only one… even big boy Google has taken a political stand on this.

Personally, I live in a predominantely rural state and I believe that technology is the key to promoting economic development and helping the far-flung population in the rural areas to have information and income options. I live on the net… I work on the net.. I want my net left intact!

To learn more, visit Do it now. Then call your Senators… It’s already passed in the House. The telephone/media conglomerates are celebrating at your expense and at mine: AT&T, BellSouth, Verizon… I say the party should end now.