UMPC (Ultra-Mobile PCs) vs. Tablet PCs: For Real Esatate Agents, Brokers and Writers!

The health problems that I thought were fixed have returned, and the timing kinda sucks, since I’m still out in the Rockies. But, I’m taking this time to do a bit more research on the Tablet PC I’ve been salivating over for several months and I’ve discovered (and been reading like mad about) the new UMPC products (Ultra-Mobile Personal Computers). Computing is an exciting field at the moment. Things are really “hopping” and I’m fascinated with the new breakthroughs. Now, I think I know why I’ve not already purchased the Tablet PC.

The Tablet is the first Technology advance/toy that I’ve wanted for an extended period of time that I’ve NOT purchased. Usually, I’ll salivate for a week or so, then bite the bullet and buy the device. Not so this time. And now I think I know why…

If you want to learn more about UMPCs as a general “class” of machines, you can visit the Microsoft site. If you want to learn a bit more about the individual models of UMPCs, you may want to hit some of the user and fan sites that are springing up all over. For instance, I found the following sites in my perusing last night when I couldn’t sleep:

You may also want to check out the following news release – – the first mention of a “rugged” UMPC for the Military market, which makes all kinds of sense to me.

One device the OQO can be reviewed online here. And the Samsung device is now available (but on backorder) at However, that model is a Celeron chip and the memory and HD space is lower than some of the other options available on, for instance, the EO by TabletKiosk. And, although the batterylife of the EO-V7110 seems to be problematic in the first release, the rest of the reviews on this particular little gem are pretty exciting. What turns my crank about this one? It’s a Centrino chip for starters. (I despise celeron anything) Then try a 100 GB HD – at 7200 speed! (an upgrade, of course) or a 160 GB HD (at 5400 – for the same price) *decisions, decisions* and up to 1GB DDR2 SODIMM! (also an upgrade). But that means I’d have a pretty cool little mobile Tablet PC with a touch screen, 100 GB of fast-access storage space (or 160 gigs running a bit slower) and a mass amount of onboard RAM in something that I can slip into a smallish purse – or the side of my backpack when I’m on the road. HEAVEN! :O)

For those of you that don’t need or want a “souped-up” version, you can get one of these little beauties for under $1K. (My version more than doubles the price.) But another big reason that I think these little beauties will sell is a lower price point than the current tablet PCs and a price point more “in keeping” with the current laptop market — but adding the additional size and functionality convenience factors.

Although I don’t think these devices are perfected by any stretch, I think this is a whole new breed of device that mesh pretty closely to my definition of ideal. I also believe with a better battery life, that it may be a perfect choice for real estate professionals, agents and brokers — as well as techno loving writers such as…. ME! These little devices have the advantages of the “write-on” screen of the tablet PC operating system and the connectivity required of most brokers and agents in the field.

As these become a little less obscure and blend more into the mainstream, I fully expect these devices (labeled Origimi Devices) to become the mobile professional’s best friend. I also expect a serious upswing of adoption by the teen and early 20’s market for entertainment devices with the bonuses of online connectivity and office/classroom productivity. With the capability of keyboard and larger monitor, these devices may even become the “main computer” for many folks. The touch-screen also allows thumb-input for when you don’t have the time or desire to hook up a keyboard.

For now, keep an eye on these new devices… exciting things are happening in the mobile world!

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