New Treo 700P is Released

The new Treo with the Palm OS has now been released. The Treo 700P hit the streets earlier this week in limited distribution. Right now, it’s available for Sprint and Verizon users, leaving those Cingular fans among us, still feeling a bit chilly.

The reported advantages of the new device include…

The better screen offered by the Treo 650, as compared to the limited resolution of the Treo 700w edition. It also enables the faster wireless broadband access and Sprint is reportedly going to enable the phone to be used as a laptop modem. Now, if that’s the case, I may have to invest in one, once it’s available in my area. I’ll need either a card purchase to enable wireless Internet on the Tablet PC I have my eye on… or I’ll need a phone which will serve double-duty.

You can also text an incoming caller while on the phone with a current call. Kinda cool, but in my case, not something I’d use. I don’t like text messages, I prefer IM.

My primary concern with the Treo as a phone “class” at this time, is a notable “dropped” call rate in more remote areas. I’ve been able to compare this to an extremely basic Nokia that my father has while we are out in the mountains of Colorado. He tends to stay connected to his calls, whereas mine, on the Treo 600 and on the Treo 650 (I’ve tested both models) seem to drop constantly. Now, since we are both on the same network, I have to raise an eyebrow at the phone itself.

Hopefully the new Treo 700p will show an improvement in this area. If not, I may not purchase the 700p.