A Day Out and About: Writer Heads for the Mountains to Write The Day Away

Yesterday Pops and I “took for the hills.” I’d planned to only work two days per week and to write for 1-2 days per week (solid) with regular writing even on off days. However, I’ve been working Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, much to my dismay.

Today, however is a writing day and I’ll be headed off with a notebook and a pen, rather than a laptop to work on my writing in a prettier environment than the camper can offer.

But, before I go…

I thought I’d tell you that there are more photos uploaded to the Colorado Photo Blog. Yesterday we saw more deer, a couple grouse and a neighbor saw mountain sheep (I’ll upload a photo of those from him soon). The day was wonderful. We walked as far up Taylor Mountain as we could get — which wasn’t far, considering the snow line. I did make it to where the tree line ended for the first time, around 12K feet. That’s the highest I’ve ever been, and unlike last year, I didn’t get ill. (Which made me really happy).

It’s beautiful up there, and I took lots of photos in the hope that I could capture some of it, but the photos are always lacking when compared to the first-hand view — but the pics are still pretty amazing. I won’t be around for Father’s Day this year (Pops will still be here and I’ll be back home), so I gave him his present up on Taylor Mountain (which seemed appropriate, since Pop’s loves that mountain best. He calls it his mountain.

Today, I’m packing a lunch and a dinner in my backpack and heading off to find a pretty place to sit and write for hours. I’ll take a hat today, since I burned my face a bit yesterday. My ears are getting better and my throat is less sore, so I’m excited to spend some solo time out on a mountainside. Maybe I write slower than I can type… but who cares?!?! Today is going to be wonderful!