Plans for the Day are Foiled — So New Plans are Made

This morning, I expected to be sore. I wasn’t. The walk yesterday seemed only beneficial. So, Pops and I were planning to go for our morning walk around the campground and then take off on the 4-wheeler for the early part of the day. I was then going to come back and do a bit of writing and possibly even write a column that’s due later this week. It was a good plan.

But plans had to change…

In the middle of this really windy walk this morning, my ears really started hurting. Now, since I got here, I’ve been waking up with a sore throat (but it’s gone within an hour or so) and one ear (my left) started feeling stuffy, weird, and then a bit tender. But the wind helped to push this along, I’m afraid.

Pops says I’ve got an ear infection — but, honestly, it’s been so many years since I’ve had one (probably over 20 years), that I’m not sure. By the time the walk was over, my whole head hurt. And I spent the last half of the walk holding my ears shut so the wind didn’t make them hurt more. Not exactly my best walk to date.

So I emailed my doctor for advice, and encouraged Pops to go on 4-wheeling without me. I was really hoping to see the ghost town this morning, I had a though about including a bit of history that involved such a remote place for my current story — and actually SEEING one sure would help. I had also talked with Pops about riding up with me to the top of a mountain path (or as far as we could get before hitting snow) and then letting me walk back down. I really LOVE the walk down!

But, all that will have to wait until my ears are in better shape (which I hope is really soon). I wonder if the elevation has anything to do with this? Right now, aside from a light throbbing, they feel like they have water in them. And they only really hurt when wind hits them or when I press behind them. Yeah, I know… If it hurts when you do that, don’t do that.

So, today, I’ll write a bit more than I’d planned. Tomorrow is a work day (probably 12-14 hours long), but maybe the ears will be back to normal by Wednesday… so we can 4-wheel together then. Maybe I’ll do a bit of work today to get caught up too. I have agreed to take on two new clients after June 1st and think that I will be able to finish up some existing projects between now and then to clear the time for new projects. I think it will be July before I take on anymore, I don’t want to get back home from this and immediately overwhelm myself again with work. I like having a schedule with a bit of flexibility. I like not working day and night. I’d like to do that regularly, not just when I’m on retreat.