Google Going Nuts

Hang onto your Page Rank and your search results as Big Daddy gives Google gazers big headaches. Google’s most recent update, dubbed “Big Daddy” has left the folks over at complaining and comparing horror stories. And they are not alone…

It started back in January, and is apparently “making the rounds” causing error pages, reindexing of the same pages many times over and the complete loss of some new (and
not-so-new) pages. This is resulting in a slew of irrelevant results for search engine users, the critics and SEO experts complain.

A9 of Amazon fame has now ditched Google in favor of the product by Microsoft, according to a recent report. And The Register is creating it’s own clamor — and probably alerting the mainstream media according to some bloggers.

The way I see it, search engine marketing is like playing the stock market. MSN search is a good, stable, albeit boring option. It’s the “bonds” and “low yield, low risk” option in your SE portfolio. Yahoo! search is more like mutual funds — relatively conservative ones, but more risky than MSN. And then we have Google, the high-risk, but oft-times high payoff investment. When you hit with Google, it’s a BIG hit… but more often than not, you don’t hit the top three pages.

MSN loves blogs… and Google ranks some blog entries impressively high (at least briefly) and rates others not at all. Case in point: My recent blog on education and politics in Russell County, Kentucky gained me a #1 slot on page one of MSN search for the terms: Politics in Russell County, KY. I ranked on page one in MSN for: Politics in Russell County. In Google? That phrase leaves my blog MIA in the first 10 pages, although there is an RSS reference on lowly page 8 directed from

For the term: Education in Russell County — I’m on page three in MSN, for: Education in Russell County KY — I’m on page one with the Wicked Blog. And Google? Not there at all on the top 10 pages — not for either combination. Now, do I care? Not really. My blog is for me, it’s for my visitors, it’s not created for page ranks — but my client sites are, and my own business site prefers to rank higher in the SEs (it told me so). :O)

So, sometimes MSN reacts faster than Google, especially lately. And MSN holds onto those results longer, always.

So, when planning your SEO approach, don’t concentrate ONLY on Google. Tag them all and watch how the results fall out.

Until next time… happy page rank!