Back from Asheville and Off to Colorado

Mom and I got back to town at around 3 a.m. this morning. By 8 a.m., Pops (who had gone to bed early) rolled me out to begin the preparations for the last trip I plan to take for awhile. It took most of the day to get things ready.

It’s kind of nice to turn the business phone off, to not have the office phone ringing constantly. I am enjoying the break, but there is still so much work to do, such late hours and so much of my time spent traveling lately. I love to travel, but I’d like it more if my kids could have been released from school a bit earlier. I wanted them to experience this with me. Alex loves Colorado, as does Derrick. They will hopefully be able to come out later, but with all the other events of the summer, they may not.

Derrick has been telling me, as has Alex, all the things they are doing in school right now. The “free periods,” the playing cards in math class, the time outside (Derrick came home burned Friday, he stayed outside so much). The one thing missing? School work. For THIS my children are refused release for a family and EDUCATIONAL trip. Arruuugghh!
I’ll deal with that more later, but for now…

We are on the way. We have made a pitstop in Bowling Green to pick up a 4-wheeler to get higher up the mountain than we could on foot. My Uncle has one he’s loaning Pops. On the way, Pops and I are arguing politics, national security, our right (or lack of right) to be in the Middle East, how art should NOT (in his opinion) cross the line to political activism (unless that political opinion is one he shares, apparently) and… we are having a good time.
My husband looked exhausted when I kissed him good-bye and I’ll be missing him, Alex and Derrick terribly before I cross the state line. I just know it. But, for now, we will continue to count the things we forgot to pack and keep moving west. Until later…