A Trip to Biltmore – For My Mother

Today, I’m in Asheville NC. My sister and I have taken my mother away for a couple of days. It’s a celebration. She just got her first social security check and we needed something to commemorate the occasion.

Mom has always wanted to see Biltmore, so we selected this trip. It’s a fairly stress-free drive (just over 5 hours) and we all three managed to have this three-day block free from other commitments.

My sister just completed her comprehensive exams for her master’s program, I’m preparing for the trip to Colorado and Mom is inbetween stresses with her political party work. So, we had to strike while the proverbial iron was hot.

I expected Mom would love the tour of the house, and enjoy the garden. I expected the garden would hold a special place for my sis — she’s a nature baby. I figured I’d tolerate the tour experience, but enjoy the time with them. I was wrong.

I really enjoyed the tour. The home was … well, … awesome. Imagine… a home that takes up a 4 acre footprint. With my love of “small” homes, I didn’t expect to enjoy such an enormous American palace… but I did. The architecture was pretty amazing as well. Gargoyles, details, hidden doors, and it would be impossible NOT to get lost in the place without clearly marked directions. The fresh flowers pulled from the garden, the art, the library (love the second story shelves with the circular staircase) and the painting on the ceiling imported from Italy in 13 different pieces of canvas and re-created in the “American palace” here in Ashville. Oh, and the “garden room” — I could LIVE there and be happy — forever. Of course, without the constant touring people would be better. And, if I could have the view of Biltmore, from that room, well that would be best.

I have some pictures that I’ll try to post a bit later. I borrowed my mother’s new digital camera to capture the textures. I must say that the textures impressed me most. There were grand scales and details galore — but it was the layers and layers of textures that impressed me the most.

I also really liked the Madonna room. I didn’t realize that anyone else ever collected madonnas. I love them myself. I’ll probably always love them. I don’t collect things, usually. I don’t like to have to store and care for “collections” — but some things, well I can’t help it.

I’ll write more when I can… we are off for our last day of exploration in Ashville now. And, I hope to try out the new “gallery” plug-in for the blog with the Biltmore photos.

In the meantime, I am looking forward to another day of discovering “treasures” in a new place.