Lower Price on Treo 650 – and Bonus Accessories Offered by Palm

Palm is offering the Treo 650 at a lower price and throwing in some accessories to sweeten the pot (for a limited time only). So, if you are weighing out “Do I want a Treo 700 or do I want a Treo 650?” this might help to make that difficult decision. On a personal note, the charger offered as the freebie is the one I use every day (and the best one on the market, IMHO, because it has the built-in charger for the extra battery). They also throw in some extra screen savers (always nice) and a case (but not one I’d use for my own Treo, because there’s no protection to the screen) and a car charger (I use my own Boxwave version — the VersaCharger — constantly, but this one from Palm would be nice also — especially as a free bonus).

For more information, visit Palm and get all the details.