Decisions, Decisions — ABC to Offer Free Episodes of Lost, Desperate Housewives, etc, Disney Offerings Going Online

You know, I love my iPod, but I’m spending WAY too much money on TV episodes that I can’t live without. And now, according to a news release dated today, the shows I love the most, the ones I am willing to fork over $1.99 for on iTunes… are going to be free online by this summer — maybe even by next month!

This is one way to give the people what they want, IMHO, and still get the advertising dollars — since the shows themselves can be fast forwarded, thrown into rewind mode and viewed at any time, but the commercials cannot be skipped. I abhor commercials (it’s one of the main reasons I’ve refused to have cable in my home for the past… oh… 14 years or so), but I’m not sure I’ll feel that way if I can do something else during a commercial break (like check my email) and enjoy my favorite shows for free online. ‘Course, I still can’t take them with me on the iPod unless I pay… but still…

Maybe this means I’ll buy that HUGE monitor that’s hooked into my computer and set it up in the living room sometime later this year. I’ve been wanting a good excuse to do that anyway. After all, my family never watches TV– cable, dish or public access. We do, however have several hundred DVDs and we enjoy our iPod Content. So having a computer-based entertainment center in the living area would actually make good sense. Now maybe I’ll have that “virtual” window with a nature scene screensaver on a monitor with a basic black frame hanging on the wall like I’ve always wanted.

You know, it bugs me for living areas to be “focused” on a television screen. Always has, always will. That’s probably why the idea of a TV that hangs on the wall and looks more like a painting has always appealed to me. Now, a monitor goes that one better, and getting my favorite shows without the cost… anytime I want them… without paying for cable and subjecting my kids to the crap on most of the airwaves and cable programming… well, that might be pretty sweet.

I’ll have to look into this a bit later… for now, I’ll refrain from any more “series season passes” on iTunes, while I sort it all out. :O)