Professional Image and the Virtual Assistant

A short list of basic considerations and needs to help any new or emerging Virtual Assistant project the best possible image.

Becoming a Virtual Assistant is a big step in anyone’s career path. Following through to progress from a new VA to a professional, successful VA requires you to juggle many of your own business details. The following are a few suggestions to help you make that transition:

Get a website
Even if your target clients are primarily in your local market, being a VA with no web presence places you at a disadvantage.

Use a matching e-mail address
Using an ISP, Hotmail, or Yahoo address looks less professional than you need to be. Use your .com address on business e-mail.

Be sure your marketing materials coordinate with your website
Your printed materials should urge potential clients to visit your website – where they will learn more about your services. Be sure that the colors, shapes, graphics, and logo are the same in all marketing pieces. If they look completely different, you will appear disorganized and less professional. Image matters.

Do not use call waiting
If you are on the line with a client, you should never stop to answer the other line. It’s rude. And most clients will hear the “click” of the beep in, even if you don’t answer it.

Get a dedicated phone line
And once you have it, use it only for your business. Don’t allow family members to tie up that line or answer your business phone.

Get voice mail
When you have stepped out of the office, or you are on the phone, your clients should never get a phone that rings endlessly or that offers a busy signal.

Become a member of a professional organization
Joining an industry-leading professional organization will increase your knowledge base and improve your networking while keeping you informed on technology and methodologies in your industry. Staying informed is a requirement in this business.