The Power of a Woman…

My son told me a few days ago that his girlfriend discovered my blog. That puts a whole new paranoid spin on my blogging, as you can probably imagine. I’m now re-evaluating stuff wondering if I’m setting a good example for a young lady that I know personally. I have determined that I probably am not… so I’m now enjoying the cool, comfortable sense of relief that such a realization brings.

On the bright side… she read the blog about my inability to get a date to see Brokeback Mountain…

And she has muscled up her feminine wiles to extract a promise from my son that he will view this particular, controversial movie with me. *Glee*… so having a son grown up enough to have a girlfriend… maybe it’s not such a bad thing.

We women… we have to stick together, eh? :O)

Lets see… the DVD is going to be released next week — over spring break — so we should be able to watch it once a day for a WEEK! (I think we will, even if it’s a HORRID movie, just for the pure pleasure of torturing him — and having someone on the other side flanking him and pushing him WITH me in a direction he doesn’t want to go.)

Hmm…. I wonder if this is how my father felt, all those years, being outnumbered three to one by the girls in the house. Poor thing. Bwahahahaha!

*Ahem* (Thanks Brittney!) *wink*