Treo Essentials: A Favorite Product Gets An Upgrade – New eWallet from Illiumsoft Now Available

Although I don’t use my Treo for everything like I once did… (I know I can, if it’s needed, but I don’t make a habit of trying to run my entire business from my phone)… I still rely on it for many “above and beyond” functions. Among those functions that I use on a “many times a day” basis, is the eWallet. I have both the desktop and the Palm version and I swear by them. In fact, when I met with a client for all-day consulting session on Saturday, the use of a password wallet came up. She said that she just set all her passwords the same, to keep it easy to remember… being the security freak that I am, I pitched a mini-fit!

I told her that keeping things secure is something that is required in our modern, digital world… and that being able to look up those little bits of information was essential…

I even recommended the eWallet program for her, despite the fact that she doesn’t own a Treo. I suggested she get the desktop version. I love mine. It’s what helps me keep things all organized and straight. And… I can backup the data (still password protected) onto a portable hard drive, my backup external drives, or even a thumbdrive.

It makes looking up the information (that I need many times a day) quick and easy.

For me, it’s an essential application — both on my desktop and on my Treo. Then today, moments ago, I got an email announcing a new upgrade to the program, and inviting me to come download my own free. I love vendors that give me free upgrades and treat me like a valued customer. It helps me to feel that my business is appreciated. The new version adds 256-bit RC4 key encryption for a more secure lock-down of my personal information.

So, if you are interested in learning more about the eWallet program, visit them at: I no longer use their other programs (ListPro and DockWare Pro) but I can’t imagine running my business, keeping up with my software serial numbers, my essential personal information and the slew of online username/password combinations without this little gem.

And, for those of you using the 700w — they also offer a windows mobile version! A flavor for every appetite!