Eureka! I Think I Finally Figured It Out… Karma, Ex-spouses and the Balance in the Universe

Challenges abound when you have an ex. Anyone who has one, or knows someone who has one, understands. I actually had a friend ask me yesterday if I killed someone brutally in a previous life to deserve my own ex nightmares. I had to laugh… ok, maybe it was more of a whine. But then it hit me… and I figured it out.

Into every life, a little rain must fall. That’s a given. But, in my life, I have a great husband, healthy and happy children, a job that I adore, both parents (still married to each other) only a phone call away — and always available for me no matter what happens, true friends that are never “too busy,” no matter what’s going on in their own lives… basically, I have it made.

So my rain, my balancing and equilibrium to this much GOOD in my life… well, it had to be something, right?

This hit me yesterday when I was returning from a client appointment. I had two Indianapolis real estate agents (with a great new service business) come down and spend Saturday in a fairly intensive 10-hour consultation session. We made an incredible amount of progress, and as we left, they (a husband-wife team), were so sweet and thanked me for my time (especially on a Saturday) to meet with them. I don’t usually work on Saturdays, but this was enjoyable and I’m glad I met with them. It was a seriously productive day. And, I love days when I make good progress. I adore my clients — each and every one, and these two are particularly special.

I don’t work with people I don’t truly enjoy and admire. I don’t have any “jerks” in my professional world. I do what I enjoy most, with and for people I honestly like, and I get paid well to do the work. I’m not sure, but I think that may be the definition of heaven.

So, that gives me a new perspective on the ex situation. Yeah, maybe I don’t get why some people are so negative and act so ugly, why they must try to sabotage other people’s happiness in an attempt to achieve some of their own. When I’m not irritated to the point of anger, I honestly feel sorry for that personality type.

So, driving home last night, it hits me… I scraped and sacrificed and worked around the clock for years to get to this point. I thought on multiple occasions during the first three years in business that I’d never make a go of if. I wondered if I should give up and get a “real” job but, I never gave up.

This is my reward. Making my living by helping good people to do good work and build their businesses and find their own bliss… that’s a pretty dang wonderful calling. So yeah, into each life a little rain must fall. And, thankfully, my rain isn’t my job, my husband or my children (usually). My rain, when it falls, doesn’t even really matter… if I can just manage to keep the rest in perspective.