Superbowl Ads ( or Superbowl Adds ) in Online Searches

I’ve had so many hits lately on searches for “Superbowl Adds” that hit this site since my blog on the local MSN video search entitled “Wanna Watch the Superbowl XL from the Sky?? Local Live Adds Detroit to the City List” went live. Since it’s so easy to hit that “d” twice on a keyboard, I decided to help those visitors looking for Superbowl ads. Here’s where you can view them online or… on your iPod (of course!)…

Your iPod can display mini-versions of the Superbowl darlings by subscribing to the Superbowl Advertisements PodCast (no longer a valid link) or by going to iTunes and doing a search for that term in the podcast menu.

If you don’t “do” the iPod thing yet, it’s ok, you can still see your Superbowl Ads here: (just search for Superbowl ads — and spell it with only one “d”) *grin* You can also spend hours on the iFilms site just enjoying yourself — so you stand warned.

You guys probably like the Jessica Simpson take-off on the “These Boots” for Pizza Hut. Personally, I prefer the Miss Piggie version. Love the Fabio ad too. LOL. And the ad for the mobile phone with a personal defense system that I saw while at iFilms left me cackling. My son says it’s just plain violent. I find it more than slightly amusing. :O)

There, now you know.