Karma – Comes Around Again (And Bites Me in the *Ahem*)

Today was one of those days when I was able to completely shock and disappoint myself with a totally judgmental attitude. I hate when that happens. It’s been awhile (thankfully), but I’m apparently still subject to such unexpected and, well, horribly judgemental views from time to time (unfortunately).

But, this provided a perfect opportunity for my belief in Karma to be reaffirmed…

I was fussing to my mother, who was irritated by my judgmental attitude (and rightly so)… it was one of those “I’m on a rant and I can’t shut up” moments that you can only have with your parents and REALLY close friends. (Because they have to love you anyway, even after the stupidity passes, you see.)

Anyway, mid-rant the UPS man arrived. He had the dollhouse I’d ordered from eBay for Alexzandria. It was a steal on eBay. Lovely woman packaged it up and sent it to me right after the auction ended. I was so excited for her — she’s wanted one for ages, and this was going to be a fantastic surprise.

But, apparently UPS was the great equalizer for my bad karma-making today… the box looked like it had been through a war zone. And, when I opened it up… it was broken in three places. (It’s not really repairable either.)

So, on the day I planned to devote to catching up on projects that are bearing down on me… I’ve been on the phone with UPS, trying to get this resolved. It’s blown a hole in my day. I was getting really upset until it hit me…

I deserved this.

Dang! Karma strikes again!

That will teach me to be all negative and judgemental, won’t it? I should have learned this lesson already. Sometimes I’m a really REALLY slow study. *sigh*