A Few of the Best Free PodCasts for Video iPod

You know, lately… once I finish work… I most want to close out my files and …

SEARCH FOR REALLY COOL iPod content for my 60 gig video iPod. Yeah, I’m quickly falling in love with my iPod. I’ve always been a bit staunch. I like bending more traditionally “work oriented” tech tools to go the proverbial “extra mile” and take on some entertainment value.

But then, I bought my hubby an mp3 player… and it had to be the best, you know… so I went with the somewhat overpriced video 5th generation iPod. I did cut back and got him only the 30 gig — after all, he would never fill the 30 gigs of space… or so I thought.

Then, I got all envious. I started taking this cool little thing of his and I tricked it out for him.

He works nights, so I could have it uploading while I was doing other stuff and still have it complete in time for him to take it on the drive to work. He thinks I “rock” because I keep him in fresh content and cool stuff… truth is, I’m just having fun.

If you are looking for a few things to put on your own iPod… check out the first episode (pilot) of Conviction. It’s currently offered for free at iTunes. If you want good video content for free (and you like cartoons…) Try the following podcasts on iTunes :

The Little Buzzers
– These little guys are so cute, and so funny (oh, and possibly evil). They buzz instead of talk, and they are a riot. My teenage son, my husband and I all adore them. I decided not to have my 8-year old view this particular iPod content. If you don’t have an iPod and don’t plan to get one, you can view these tiny cartoons online too. First episode can be downloaded and watched on your computer here: http://www.thelittlebuzzers.com/episode01.html. Again…. probably not for kids.

Ask NASA (Brain Bites)
– Cool little “bite-sized” science lessons aimed at kids, but so well done that I don’t mind watching them myself. Available from iTunes too.

Music is Art
– Fantastic new-age and low-stress music selections played in full on this “sampler of the week” format show. Although this only has one episode (a snowglobe ) this is video, it’s a good example of the iPod “enhanced” format – Highly recommended! (Available on iTunes)

French Pod Class
– great little free course in learning french that includes podcasts, worksheet/handouts and other resources. Cool concept! You can also subscribe to an “slowly spoken, easy to understand French version of the national news at: RFI radio select the one that says “Journal en francais facile” ;o)

Class on Globalization – (Update 4/2011 – this link is defunct.) For anyone doing business on the Internet, learning a bit more about globalization is essential. This class, from the University of Lethbridge offers an entire series for your iPod. Globalization Classes to go… it makes sense, doesn’t it?

Learn to Play Guitar –
Yep, you can do this on the iPod too. The first 35 lessons are free! (after that, they want your money — but if you THINK you may want to learn to play, but aren’t sure, this is a great, cost-effective way to dip in a toe. It may also be a way to inexpensively get a youngster started. Also available on iTunes.

PodTravels.TV –
Take a Trip to… Tuscany – Ok, maybe your budget won’t let you travel this year, or you simply don’t have the time (even if you have the money). Want to see some of the scenery in another land? Try the highly rated Tuscany PodCast. I did.

Dive Film PodCast
Take a trip under the sea. Great little video podcast for kids and adults alike. See the landscape under the sea, the wildlife and … hey… even learn something!

Terra NaturePodcast
Learn a bit more about the world above sea level in this well-done nature show also great for adults and kids alike. When I asked my husband what type of video pod cast he would like, what he missed most about cable (which we refuse to have), he said he missed the Discovery channel. He asked me to find something like that. I must say that this
Terra podcast rocks as a Discovery Channel replacement. (He’s quite pleased and is once
again swearing that his wife can find ANYTHING on the Internet to anyone who will listen — LOL.) So, go forth, pod and learn!

Reality TV on your Pod
– Ok, not really a stretch doing reality TV on a iPod Video – but for this television program out of Canada to offer it for free while all the other TV station shows are being charged at $1.99 on iTunes per episode makes it noteworthy. If you like this type of show, give it
a spin. Its about a house competition for the next VJ on Much Music (a Canadian version of “MTV”). I’m just starting this series, so I can’t give my rating yet and I’m not a reality TV fan, so you may not want my rating anyway :O) Available on iTunes.

I’ll be offering up more of the best iPod content as I find it, and as I have a chance to review it. For those not currently joining in the iPod revolution, you may be interested to know that a free download of iTunes will enable you to access the podcasts on your computer. So, you may not be mobile, but you can still see the stuff I’m raving about.

Have fun!