QuickTime Pro Review – What a Crock!

Just bought the upgrade for QuickTime Pro! Wish I had hit my finger with a hammer instead. It would have been less painful.

To read the review on the product that I left on the Apple site (a review that will probably never see the light of day)… click “read more” below.

*Still shaking my head and wanting to kick something*

Furious with Apple, QuickTime Pro and the False Advertising

Written by AP from Dunnville

No, it won’t (as you may believe) take online content and make it available to your iPod. Not in one step, not even in two or three steps.

What they DON’T tell you in the marketing hubbub here is most online content is “Muxed” — meaning that it’s in one “channel” and you will get video and no audio — and you too will feel something akin to (and rhyming with) “Muxed” if you buy this. You will find out for yourself what a shoddy piece of work it really is.

And, BTW… they don’t offer the software required to make it work, and the purchase of QuickTime Pro is non refundable. They do say you can buy another software (but won’t tell you where, or what it’s called, or how much it costs) to “unmux” files so you can then convert them (maybe) to the iPod format. Thanks, Apple support! I feel all warm and fuzzy inside. It only took two emails and three calls to find out that you were not willing to do anything. Hope you are amused. I’m not. (I’m not supposed to mention support in a review, but if there is no help from anyone, what are you supposed to say? It’s not like I didn’t try for a reasonable resolution).

I would not have given it ANY stars, but to post a review, at least one star is required. It should be zero.

Gimme back my dang money or fix the “Muxing” product!

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