I Did It — I Ordered an iPod! (Now To Learn to Podcast and Vidcast.)

Ok, I’ve admired my hubby’s iPod enough. I finally broke down and got one of my own. It’s a pretty little 60 gig thing.

They had a Valentine’s Day special which included free engraving (mine now has my full name and my main url www.WickedWordCraft.com on the back). They also offered free shipping — AND…. because I’ve purchased a few things for Wayne’s iPod, I had a $30 off coupon on any order over $300.

Now, with the stuff I want to do to determine how to use this little thing to do virtual pocket-sized home tours for real estate agents, brokers and Realtors… it only makes sense that I have one, right?

Oh, my the coolness factor! And now, I get to see how far I can make it go. I’m seriously considering a program to rip my DVD collection to the m4v format so I can take my favorites with me when I go to Colorado this spring too. Why not?? Wayne’s 30 gig is almost full of movies and music. I actually had to clean off some of the movies he’s already seen. But, it’s a pretty quick upload from the computer to the device. And, it will allow me to store most of my collection compressed on a couple of super-sized external hard drives. Not bad. Eventually, I’ll get rid of the DVD collection — now over 1000 strong — for something a little more compact, a little easier to store.

Now, I can subscribe to some of those podcasts that iTunes offers that I didn’t dare get downloaded on his device — like the marketing one and the entrepreneurial one.

I don’t have any immediate desire to podcast for myself — but I do want to know the ins and outs for my clients. (Geeze, I’m such a geek — but I have fun with it!)

And, I ordered it at midnight last night and got an email before 8 a.m. this morning telling me that the iPod (complete with engraving) had been shipped.

Now THAT’s service! (No wonder folks that go iPod never go back… with service like that, who can blame them??)