Want to Download a Free Movie? Read a Free Book? Write a Book?

The Internet is a wonderful place. . . REALLY.

I’ve been doing a bit of research on a couple of new projects and I’ve found some pretty interesting stuff (as I usually do when I’m poking about). And, I thought you may be interested in a few of the sites I’ve found that rock my “coolness” chart…

First, while looking for more on iPod video info to incorporate into my pocket-sized real estate information ideas… I found these two sites:

http://www.archive.org/details/movies (where you can download freebie open source and creative commons movies).

I also found this site: http://publicdomaintorrents.com/ a freebie movie “bit torrent” type site. This site also allows a person to decide if they want a full-sized, DVD quality movie (huge file) or a smaller iPod format or even… you guessed it, a Treo movie format (.avi). I’m downloading the old Vincent Price Movie “The Last Man on Earth” and a short “Betty Boop” cartoon as I type this. The Vincent Price Movie, I’m getting in full DVD quality format, the Betty Boop will be for my Treo (to entertain my daughter). Video is an exciting new toy for me on the Internet — thank goodness for fast Internet!

This is my first voyage into online movie downloads (other than iTunes) and it’s pretty fascinating. I’ve always worried about the “bad” stuff that comes in with movie downloads, but these two sites are quite reputable for safe, free movie downloads — so go give them a try. (You need another distraction from work, right?)

If you are more into the reading life, I thought you may enjoy the book version of wikipedia… called wikibooks. At this site, you not only read cool books, you help to write them!

As I continue my research, I’ll be sure to share the treasures I find… but for now… back the the old grind *giggle*. (I love my job!)