Time to Update My Look… Is It Time For You to Update Yours?

Now normally, around this time of year, I get the urge to update my look. But, it’s usually an update of my website’s appearance. Something new added, a new touch, something to make things work a bit better or look a little more attractive.

But this year, it’s a bit more personal… Last year, for my 39th birthday, I got a serious makeover. I cut off all my long hair and got an “above the chin” length bob. I even did
streaks of permanent color — now THAT was really radical for me. Actual permanent highlights! Whooo hoooo!

And, to celebrate the new look, I got some photos taken to update my website’s “about”
page. I figured the ten year old photo I was using was a bit misleading. Of course, I was younger, thinner and … well… YOUNGER then. And, it was the only photo since my high school senior portrait that I really liked. Go figure.

Now, it was a complete change, but it was short lived. I don’t like really short hair. Call me
old-fashioned, but I like to be able to pull it back out of my way when I’m working and I like to be able to attempt to curl, tease or torture it on those RARE occasions when I actually go out somewhere that it would be appropriate to do so. (Of course, that’s been so long that I an only rely on my memory for what it’s like to prepare to go “out on the town” — not that I’m complaining, I’m rather a “stick-in-the-mud” lately.) Some tell me that means I’m happy with life and don’t feel the need to escape my daily routine. Who knows? But I do still get the urge occasionally, even if it IS a fleeting thing.

Now, back to the radical makeover…

I even got the make-up makeover that day, and I almost never wear makeup. Never really liked the stuff. This followed a “spa day” that was pure luxury. I should have done that again this year, but the spirit didn’t move me. Anyway, after the radical makeover my gal-pal and I met our men for a wonderful, elegant dinner. Come to think of it, I think THAT was the last time I had a real “date”! (I’ll have to talk to Hubby about that, we should probably actually go out at least once a year.)

Anyway, I got the pictures made and posted one on the web. It never DID look like me, IMHO. But, my mother and my friends and my peers said it was cool. So it stayed there. Now, I just took Alex in for her birthday photos and talked with the photographer about doing a session with me to update my website. My hair is back to a normal length again now. Not long like it was, but shoulder-length, and I think I should update the photo. My mother keeps telling me I should whack my hair off again, but I’ve been resisting that notion. I have decided that no matter how much “younger” she says it makes me look, that I’m not old enough to do something simply for that reason. Not yet, anyway. :O)

Now, I’ve made this decision when my friend calls me, and out of the blue she tells me that she doesn’t like my website picture. She says it’s not “me” and that she likes the old one better (the one that’s ten years old mind you). Now, this is the friend that went with me, that did the spa day thing last year, that helped to talk me into the cut AND the color… and who raved about it at the time. Now, she tells me that the short haircut makes me look older… MUCH older.

Ahem… Gee, thanks buddy… and it took you over a year to fess up? LOL.

I tell her that I’m already going in for a retake and she encourages me to speed it up some. Nothing like that to make a gal feel really good, eh? (Good thing I adore her, or I’d give her “what for” about this one!)

So, I’m headed in next week for my photo appointment… have I mentioned how much I HATE having my picture taken? It’s up there with needles, annual exams and dental work on my list of ways I’d rather not spend my time.

This is a long winded way of saying…

If you are running a service based business, if you have your mug on the web… and if that mugshot is more than 12 months stale… you should consider a refreshed photo.

This is a good time to take the time to call and make an appointment and get some photos made. Get a whole series done so you can pick the one you like best.

If you go with black and white, be sure your patterns aren’t too busy on your blouse or your tie. Also watch the background to be sure it’s professional, muted and/or understated. If you elect to do a color shot, be sure that it will coordinate with your website, business and branding colors. If in doubt go with black and white or neutrals.

Personally I’m dreading mine, but I have a photographer that’s promised to make it fun. Uh-huh, sure. But, we shall see…it could happen.