Video PodCasting (VidCasting) for Real Estate – The Next Big Thing?

I’ve been watching with some interest lately as the podcasting phenomenon has entered into the mainstream.

During my research I’ve found some excellent examples of the use of podcasting and, more interesting to me personally, the use of video podcasting.

For instance… combines the two types of podcasts – audio only and video — and adds downloadable PDF files to create an excellent online (and free!!!) french class. It’s almost enough to make me decide to brush up on my French (which has been stagnant since high school — and was only marginal then). I’m going to look for a Spanish version of the same thing (I took more classes in Spanish, and that’s not quite so rusty as the French).

NOVA also has some interesting video on science topics (downloadable from iTunes via a free subscription). And a new video podcast, dubbed the world’s first podcast for preschoolers (Wow, wow, Wubbzy — AKA the Wubbcast) is now available via iTunes as well.

Podcasting and video podcasting is coming right along on the educational front… and there are many podcasts purely for entertainment, and even a few for special interest groups. But, I’m thinking about business opps…

The more I look into this, the more I think it’s an excellent opportunity for real estate agents to SHOW rather than TELL potential clients about their listings and their services. Think the video “virtual” tour on steriods.

I’m working with one client now, and have just begun the research, to potentially add a video podcast to his toolbox to promote and distribute a new expansive relocation service. While brainstorming about how to position his company, it occurred to me that the video revolution for mobile devices has come of age for the business world. And what better way to offer incoming residents a “taste” of the area than to do video podcasting that highlights the area, the neighborhoods, the local events and attractions, and even some of the ‘little known’ advantages to living in a particular place — like the best coffee shop in the world, an award-winning community theater, even a local high school football game, or a mini-interview with a local politician.

Now, it’s still in the brainstorming phase… and it will take quite a bit of research to nail this one down… but what an exciting new concept! I know if I were planning a move to a new city and one real estate agent offered to fax me information, and another one offered me a video podcast of the area and places of interest, I’d contact the latter one… wouldn’t you?

I just adore working with techie clients! They are always so open to new ideas and are always willing to push the limits of the “norm.”