Love Battlestar Galactica — the NEW one

I got a copy of the first season of Battlestar Galactica for hubby for Christmas, got the second season for him for his birthday. And, I got both in the iPod format so he can take it with him wherever he goes.

That was all well and fine… until I watched this remake of an old, cheesy series… and got hooked!

The new one is amazing. I’ve really enjoyed it. (I got hooked while letting one episode play while I was finishing up the download on the other episodes.)

Now, I’m checking iTunes to see how often the new ones are available and I’m paying for them by the episode. Hubby thinks I’m doing it for him… but the truth is, I see them several hours before he does these days. He thinks I get them while he’s a work to surprise him when he gets home by downloading them into his iPod while he sleeps.

The truth? I get them for me (and hide my guilty pleasure by having them preloaded for my less than technologically-infatuated hubby so his own experience is seamless — which keeps him from asking that one question… “Do you watch these BEFORE I do each time?!?!”)

I cannot tell a lie, but if I keep them uploaded and keep him surprised… maybe he will never ask. *big grin*

If you want your own version on DVD, you can get them at AMAZON by searching for Battlestar Galactica. If you want them portable on your Treo, use Pocked DVD studio to convert them to .avi files.

If you want them in iPod’s format, you can get a conversion program, or download them directly from iTunes.

Ahhhh… now it’s time to go see if THIS week’s episode has hit the broadband yet.