Love Isn’t Like Oxygen, It’s More Like Calculus — Wait, That’s Not Really Love Either…Is It?

While investigating the joys of Google’s new video search engine I found some pretty interesting things. First… an ad that is probably the best I’ve seen to try to help my own (and possibly YOUR own) children think carefully about what they are doing with their “free time” when there is no adult supervision. To view it…go to: (Update 4/2011 – this link is defunct.) Ya gotta love that! From a “marketing message” standpoint, I’d say this ranks as one of the most effective ads I’ve ever seen. Heck, even my mother said it was a great “must see” piece for all teenagers when I sent her the link this morning.

And then, of course, on the other end of the spectrum, was a sample video hocking DVD’s that use sex to teach teenagers calculus. Now THERE’s a new twist. View it at: (Update 2/2014 – this link is defunct.) It just makes me roll my eyes. As IF they are going to get anything educational from that. I have teenage boys. Giving them such visual stimulation would probably only distract them from the topic.

This falls under the “book under a pillow before a big exam to ‘absorb’ the knowledge” theory to me. I think I’d rather just have them sleep on a book. Maybe my age is showing… again.

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