Contemplations on a New Hybrid for the Treo SmartPhone

I love my Treo. I carry it everywhere. So, it’s not like me to feel jealousy over other small mobile device… until now…

Lately, my husband’s Video iPod has captured my wandering tech eye. It’s so sleek. Thin and beautifully designed… it also carries a wallop with a 30 gig drive onboard (and I didn’t even buy him the 60 gig version that’s currently available when I was Christmas shopping for him.)

This device has turned my non-techno, non-mobile hubby into a “I wanna take it with me” fan.

And I keep thinking to myself – why do I have to swap out SD cards to get an additional gig or two of space when his thinner device carries 30 gigs onboard?

Granted, his toy won’t do what mine does. It won’t check email, surf the net, view documents and act as a cell phone — but the video image is wonderful, the sound of his music downloads are fine, he even has a few music videos. He carries audio books too!

So, I’m thinking that if I had the ear of the powers that be in development at Treo, or at iPod, I’d whisper “merge them!”

Can you imagine the market share and the customer satisfaction that could be gained with the capture of the iPod crowd AND the Treo fanclubs? It’s awe-inspiring, isn’t it?

And with the new sites that are supporting video downloads (,, and the market for secondary sales is staggering. Right now, only iTunes will support the iPod format for videos, and none will support the Treo 650. But, I have hope.

I look forward to the day when I can carry a library of all my favorite things without worrying about running out of space immediately. Without conserving every last byte. Ahhhh…. won’t that be nice?