Where Can I Find the Update for Microsoft Business Contact Manager? (Version 2 of MS BCM)

After another unwelcome trip into the land of Microsoft … I had difficulty finding BCM V2 for download. I’m not sure why my BRAND NEW copy of Business Contact Manager (which is a part of Microsoft Office Small Business Edition 2003) was shipped with version 1, but that’s beside the point.

Searching on MS’s site did little to help me find the update, but I did find a link to it after searching around the user groups a bit.

With all the issues that BCM has, it’s amazing that the upgrade (reportedly effective for fixing many of those bugs) isn’t easier to find.

It also permits the “integration” of BCM with Small Business Accounting 6.0 (SBA 6). I’ve not managed to get that far quite yet, but I’m hoping it will work.

Download the BCM V2.0 here.

Hope this helps shorten your search time.

And here’s a link to the FAQ page about this update: