How Do I Create Rollover Alt Tags for Mozilla’s FireFox Browser?

As a Foxfire convert, I only open IE when I must — and I usually begrudge any website that requires me to change from Firefox to IE.

With that said, I’ve also missed the opportunity to see the alt tags with a mouse “rollover” on websites using Firefox. To see the alt tags on most sites when using my FireFox browser, I have to right click on an image and select “properties” to see the alt tag text.

But, today, I tripped across a design approach that will fix this problem. Adding a title tag to the alt tag will create a mouseover text for FireFox. If you want to add this to your own website to invite in the FireFox crowd… add the following code (using your own jpg name, title and alt tags, of course!):

<IMG src=”InternetMarketingImage.jpg” ALT=”Internet Marketing Plan Flowchart” TITLE=”Flowchart Plan for Small Business Internet Marketing”>