More Marsupials Join the Family – Sugar Glider Tales (or is it Tails?)

Hubby and I got our sugar gliders on the same day — the day before his birthday.

His, Nimetz (aka “stinky”) is an overly active — ok, HYPERACTIVE, little thing that dashes about like his tail is on fire.

Mine, Trinity, is a doll.

She’s calmer than Nimetz, and is MUCH quieter than Sheena (aka “Noisy”). She enjoys sitting on my desk, cuddled in her pink furry hat, while I work. She occasionally explores things on the desktop, or hops on my shoulder or even climbs my hair like a mountaineer attempting Mt. Everest — arriving safely on my crown before repelling back down to my shoulders. While active, she’s not spastic and seems to have warmed up to me immediately.The larger cage has still not arrived, so we are making do with a smaller one. This means that the gliders need lots of “out of cage” time. That gets pretty exciting some nights (did I mention they are Nocturnal?)

Right now, as challenging as the rest of my life has been, I must admit that having a furry little thing crawling on me and cuddling up to me has really helped. Trinity sleeps more than the others do, but seems to have the same calming effect on her cage mates as she does on me. Wild-things that the other two are, the second they are placed beside Trinity in her little pink hat, they roll around and curl up around her and are soon asleep.

When left to their own devices, inside the cage or out, they are loud and active — but with her, they are sweet and cuddly and quiet — and STILL.

Their fur is as soft as down, they are terribly inquisitive and quite smart. They like attention — even if it’s playing “you can’t catch me.”

I didn’t want to wait for mine, I didn’t want to pay more for mine — but I did both. And, I was rewarded with a wonderful, well-tempered little girl glider.

She helps around the office, with “filing”:

Trinity likes “riding” my wireless computer mouse around and it is a little distracting when she shimmies up the shelf on my desk and lunges from my reference books, landing squarely on my head. That requires a little adjustment. And, when she’s particularly playful (like right this moment) she will chase my fingers around on the keyboard — hopping back and forth at them as I type. I guess it’s a good thing that she sleeps during the day and plays only in the evening — or I might not get much done right now.

What a little doll!