The Ultimate Mobile Pet: Sugar Gliders

I’m all about the mobility, about keeping things small, about living within your means, about portability… and my family now has the ULTIMATE small, amazing, adorable pet… a sugar glider.

These little exotics are marsupials (not rodents, like flying squirrels) and are simply delightful. We bought one for my daughter for her birthday (and it was supposed to come with a second one for my OWN birthday nine days later, but the second one was sold to someone else). Now, we await the second Sugar Glider to the family — which will be a little boy glider for my husband. His birthday is four days before my own, so my little sugar glider girl will be “on order” until I can locate a sweet little baby girl for me.

Since we adopted “Sheena” for Alex, my son Derrick has also become enamored with the little creature, and wants one of his very own.

I’m afraid we may soon be over run with the darlings, but I don’t care. Last night, we ordered a much larger cage and I’m scouring the web looking for a reasonably priced baby girl in our geographic area. I found one online source in Somerset, Kentucky — and am awaiting word on availability via email.

If you, like me, want a sweet, tiny, intelligent, delightful and portable pet — you may want to consider a sugar glider too.

Since my family already eats organic food, there’s not high cost to provide the little one pesticide-free, all organic faire for mealtime. Being omnivours, they love many varieties of foods — in particular fruit.

I’ve created a recipe that Sheena likes in our blender, and I’ll share the ingredients in an upcoming blog entry. But, for now, I think I’ll go play with the new baby — it’s evening now and she’s nocturnal — so the fun is about to begin.

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