Remove Norton Spam Toolbar from Outlook 2003

Ok, after getting my pretty, shiny and incredibly fast new computer (to replace my ailing desktop replacement laptop), I’ve had a nagging problem with Norton’s program that came with the new computer.

Yeah, I was stupid enough to NOT remove Norton the second I set up the machine. I figured using it as it was would buy me 60 days of free coverage while I investigated other AV options, since I’ve not been happy with any I’ve tested thusfar.

What I ended up with was a blasted Norton Toolbar add-in for Outlook that couldn’t be removed. Until now!

The normal modes for removing Outlook add-in programs didn’t work. I’d tell it to remove it, and the next time I booted up Outlook it would be back. Every time.

Then, this morning, I decided I’d had it with the things that make me crazy and that I’d find the solution.

I found it, thanks to a post in Google Groups which suggested I do the following:

Go into:

c:program files
common files
symantec shared
and change the name
of msouplug.dll to something else. I added “Remove-” to the front of that DLL (so I’d be able to find it should it cause any problems.)

It worked like a charm. Thanks Peter!!