Working Out with Your Treo?!?!

Ok, it was difficult for me to determine the category for this post… I mean, is it BUSINESS to get in shape or is it fun?

I think I need a “none of the above” category — but others may consider it “fun” so I’ll stick with that topic header.

Now, if you have a Treo 650 or an iPod Video (what I got my hubby for Christmas) you can now view workout instructions on your tiny screen. A new software package group, called PumpPod, has created a workout companion for your tiniest screen.

If you want to learn a bit more about getting in shape, and you want to use your Treo or your iPod to achieve a new level of fitness… you can visit them at: (Update 4/2011 – this link is defunct.)

Personally, lazy geek that I am, I’ll stick with using audio books to get me through an occasional stroll. And if I’m feeling REALLY ambitious… I may use music with a particularly infectious beat to walk a little faster than usual.

Yeah, that’s about all I want at this point… but if you want more… check out the PumpPod folks. Cool concept.