Holidays, Hope and Happiness — And An Appointment with the Stork

It’s been a good holiday season. The kids were all in for Christmas, we spent time with my parents, my sister and her husband. We spent time with Wayne’s parents and siblings and their extended families.

My sister had wonderful news, that I can finally share. She and her husband are expecting!!! I’m gonna be an aunt — by blood — after all these years!!! I don’t think there could have been a better Christmas present for my parents. I know there couldn’t have been a better one for me. My sis has sworn “no babies” for years. Mom and Pop had finally given up on her ever changing her mind.

So I’m gonna be an aunt!!!

I get to buy the noisy, battery-operated, obnoxious toys for someone else. I get to get even for all the toys with dozens of tiny little parts that get lost in the carpet and found with my bare feet (along with a few choice explicatives!) I get to spoil someone tiny and send them home to their parents to handle after the spoilage.

Yup, I finally get to be the “cool aunt” instead of the militaristic mom. I get to have fun!

John (my sister’s husband) has already put me at the top of the “Can never babysit” list as a result of my decision to share these plans with him. But, I’m not worried. They have been married six years, and are accustomed to their own lives. They will be eager for a babysitter in a short period of time. They will forget all my threats, they will drop the baby by for me to spoil. I just know it. LOL.