Proud to Have Bush as My President?!?!? Nope.

Ok, I have a “big brother” and his name is George W. Bush. Until recently, I was under the mistaken impression that my sister and I were the only siblings in our family.

Obviously, I was wrong:

When are the legislators in this country going to put a stop to this crap? I know my rights are continuing to erode by the nanosecond… and I know just who to blame.

It makes me ashamed to be a registered, active voter. It makes me ashamed of my president. It makes me ashamed of my country.

And, the real kicker? Paying taxes that foot the bill to smother my rights and invade my privacy. It’s bad enough to endure my rights being abused, while my president (yes, in lower case) defends his rights to abolish mine, but it’s worse to be billed for the service.

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