Things that Make You Go… Hmmmm…(things to do with your RSS)

Ok, picture the scene… I’m working with a client, helping her to develop her webpage and we are talking about her blog.

I’ve encouraged her to offer an RSS feed and we are discussing the way to advertise that fact on the web.

I think a casual approach might be best, given her business model. I think that something off-hand like “Get” or “Grab” may be the right term… until I type it in my notes…Then it hits me that:

“Grab My RSS”

is probably not the most professional sounding way to approach this problem. It doesn’t look casual and off-hand, it looks off-color. I also determine that “Get My RSS” isn’t any better.

Soooo… I decide it’s time to quit for the evening, before my tired brain implodes.

Today, I saw a tee-shirt on CafePress that is quite confident about the RSS issue. It invites people to:

“Kiss My RSS”

Maybe I was onto something afterall…