Oh, Now THAT’s Cool! Great Christmas Gift for Treo Owner

Ok, I found what I want for Christmas. I just found out today that this would work with a Treo 650. I’d seen it before and thought it would be great for an Ipod or some such… but the stereo expansions for the Ipod have become pretty common.

This is a portable stereo booster for the Treo 650!

Awesome way to listen to my audiobooks and my music WITH someone else, without the tin-sound of a mono speaker.

Yeah, this is it, what I want… wonder if it’s too late to tell Santa…

Altec Lansing iM4 Portable Audio System

The Palm Store is offering free overnight shipping on all orders placed before December 22nd too… so you could buy it and get it there in time for Christmas… soooo tempting, isn’t it?

I may just have to buy it for myself next month… for my birthday! Then again… maybe I’ll order it now and just SAVE it until next month… uh-huh. I’m so good at waiting for things. Yeah, right.