Proof That You May Not, At First, Do Well in What you Enjoy Most

My youngest son is struggling in his classwork right now. He’s been living with his father for the last few months and I’ve not been as involved with his classwork, due to the difference in geography.

Now, he’s coming home and he’s cramming for final exams. He LOVES his AP World Civ course. Loves it. He’s also barely passing. It’s not normal for him to do poorly in school, so it’s particularly tough on him right now.

He says… “How can I have such a lousy grade in something I enjoy so much?”

Hmmm….I think that, like business endeavors, he needs to evaluate his approach to the issue, rather than assuming that he shouldn’t enjoy the class merely because his grades are dipping low.

This weekend, he’s been cramming and studying. I’ve been right beside him getting him ready to take his finals this week. It’s been challenging for us both…

Do you KNOW how long it’s been since I’ve tried to balance a chemical equation? How long it’s been since I’ve tried to remember the REAL name of the Yellow River in China (ok, that’s only been a couple years, when I went to China and actually SAW it,… but still…)

He’s taking his first exams today. I do hope he does well. It would be nice if he had just a few more days to study. After this weekend, he’s got the study approaches down. But, he needs a bit more time to implement them… time he won’t have.

I think that schools should teach kids HOW to study first, then give them the materials. I’ve spent a great deal of time teaching my children HOW to study… but with him being gone, I’d not taught him the next level — the college-level approaches — to studying. And the material in this World Civ class rivals the material in my Freshman level college courses. It’s rich and dense — and he’s not sure how to sort it all out.

People in business need to know HOW to approach their business too. How to take a step back and evaluate (without rose-colored glasses) their strengths and weaknesses. To determine where they shine and where they need a bit more polish.

We all do.

So, before you determine that you’re not as good at something you really enjoy and you should give it up… take a step back. See if there’s a way to approach what you really love to enable your own success. Most of the time, it’s merely a matter of evaluating and readjusting your approach.

But, don’t wait until the 11th hour… *yawn*… it makes life too difficult that way.

Blessings and best wishes for a wonderful holiday season… and a bit of rest for us all!