Linux for the Palm?

Ahhh, it’s happening!

On the heels of the announcements that the Treo 700w, windows-based device will soon be released in the US comes more news about Treo operating systems.

A recent acquisition of a Linux software developer by Palmsource indicates another, more “user-developer” friendly version of the Treo may be available soon…In a recent report on Palm Addicts:

Cindy Aten reports that a Linux-based model of the Treo may soon be available in China!

The article quotes the VP of Palm’s Asia-Pacific (Palu Blinkhorn) when he made the announcement on a China, where the Treo was recently released.

It appears, to me, that regardless of the operating system (Palm, Win, Linux) … that the current and future generations of the Treo are going to be here to stay for awhile.

I know that I can’t imagine going back to a “standard’ phone device. It’s just too nice having an office full of communications tools in my pocket.