Want to Write Your Way to a New Treo?

If you want a Treo 650, but don’t have the cash allotted at this time… you may want to WRITE your way to a new Treo!

BargainPDA is offering a contest with a new Treo as the prize.

So start preparing your 300-word or less response to:”If I had a Palm Treo 650 with me that day I could have used its unique features to _____.”

and submit it to:

http://contest.bargainpda.com/step2.asp?contestID=1 (Update: contest is long over.)

you just might be the grand prize winner! Of course I always like a good contest, and you add a writing aspect to it and I love it!

So, go tell your own story and let me know if you win the prize! Best wishes!