Ahhh the Joys of Christmas…NOT!

I had a wonderful weekend — stayed up late with my son playing the new Civ 4, Friday night and settled in (with instructions to every member of the family to NOT wake me up Saturday morning.)

I asked them, each and every one, to let me sleep in late… just this once.

And they did! But then there was Santa Claus…Our neighbors like to decorate for Christmas… and Thanksgiving, and Easter, and… well… every other holiday known to man.

Now, I’m not a scrooge — well, I WASN’T one until Saturday morning —

Let me explain.

At 8:30 a.m. on Saturday morning (Derrick and I gave up the ghost on the world domination game at 4 a.m.), I was awakened to the sound of Christmas music — LOUD Christmas music. There was singing and music, and the carols went ON and ON and ON…ad nauseum.

I was just about to start seeking out the 7-year old to give her “what for” about the Christmas DVD she had blaring — AFTER I SPECIFICALLY TOLD HER NOT TO WAKE ME — when I discovered that she and her brother were being extraordinarily quiet. And the sound was coming from OUTSIDE the cabin.

Have you SEEN the giant 5-6 foot tall Santa Claus that moves and sings in people’s front yards? Yeah, well, me too.

And our nearest neighbors decided to place theirs out the back porch closest to our place and let ‘er RIP at that hour. The noise went on until past noon. And, being motion-activated, I’m looking forward to a whole bloody season of the crap… Oh JOY! :O)

I’m not meant to be a close quarters neighbor. I’m better off on my farm with the 25 or more acres between me and my neighbors. Wise men say strong fences build strong neighbors. I say distance builds good neighbors… and singin’ Santas DON’T.

So Merry Blasted Christmas to those who own and love their noisy gadgets (but please be kind to your neighbors!)

*Rolling eyes and still feeling sleep deprived.*