Treo Selected as Best Convergence "All-In-One" Device by Users

An independent research group recently conducted a comparative use study on the Treo 650, the Samsung i730, the UTStarcom PPC6600 and Blackberry 7100.

And the size, design and useability of the Treo device came out ahead of the pack, with the Samsung i730 being second…

It makes me wonder how long the Treo can keep the edge. I love my own little device, but unless Palm continues to keep stride, I’m sure they can’t keep the lead in a market as competitive as this one is becoming.

I had a reader write me this week to ask my why I wrote about the Treo 650, why I didn’t pick the HP device instead, since it had a larger screen, etc.

My response to her looks alot like the reasons other people picked this device in the study (I like the size of the Treo, the fact that it’s a palm OS, and that it gives me what I need on the road in a smallish package.) It also helps that when I looked for an all-in-one –before buying the Treo 600 — that the Treo product was best of show, IMHO.)

Now I think that original research has been validated by my own independent considerations of the competition and the eye I keep on this mobile market since that time, but I also know that there’s alot of loyalty there — simply because it was the best when I first looked. Not BRAND loyalty so much. This is more “device” loyalty.

I don’t care who makes the Treo, I’d still buy it (well, with the possible exception of Gateway — I’d never buy anything from them after my product and service experiences – but I digress).

Despite the value I place on my individuality, this is one area that I’m happy to see that I’m in the “majority.” Maybe that will keep the folks at Palm pushing the envelope with their strategic alliances, their design and their functionality. Or, maybe it will make them sit on their haunches and ride the “device” loyalty — but I’ve seen no indication of that.

If you would like to read more about the convergence device study, go here: