Mobility and Nanotechnology: Is Smaller Always Better?

Mobility is attractive. Miniaturization and nanotechnology are now the rage. We want our technology tools to fit on keyring or inside our pockets or purse and they must bring the whole world to us.

We don’t want much, do we?

The problem is that the choices for mobility are so broad that it’s sometimes overwhelming. How does a person begin to sort it all out?

Consider the following questions to help narrow your choices to a more manageable scope:

  • Do you WANT to be completely mobile? Sometimes we feel we need to do what everyone else is doing because it’s expected. If you want the technology, if you crave the toys then buy them. But be sure to weigh the pros and cons — as they relate specifically to you and your business and your life — before making the leap.
    (Some people swear that not having a cell phone is a life enhancer!)
  • Is mobility worth the cost? It costs two to three times as much for a laptop as it does for a desktop with the same functionality. Do you really NEED to take your computer with you? Would you do just as well keeping notes and then organizing your thoughts on your office machine when you came back to review the meeting?
    (Some people still use a notepad — by choice!)
  • Is it saving you time? Or, are you spending more time buying and tweaking, maintaining and updating your technology than you are doing your work? Do you spend more time with your toys than you do with your family and significant other? How much of your budget is swallowed by technology toys and their accessories?
    (Simplicity is a joyous thing — how complex is your life?)

Statistics some time ago proved that “labor saving devices” did not reduce the amount of labor on the home front — make sure your technology and mobility choices do reduce the labor on the office — and out of the office — before making that purchase.