Loved the New Harry Potter Movie this Weekend

This weekend, Wayne and I took Alex and Derrick to see the new Harry Potter release. I must say, for a kids movie, it’s wonderful. I love the Harry Potter Series. There, I admitted it! One of the things I like best about it has to do with my hubby. He was reading one of the books when we were dating… and he started reading it aloud to Alex. Since then he’s read three or four of them to her and I attribute her love of reading, in great part, to this activity.

In the past few months (say about 10) she’s gone from struggling to sound out words here and there in books to devouring them at an astonishing rate.

For example, she’s currently reading the second in the Little House on the Prairie series (she finished off the first in just a couple days) and she’s reading Pippi Longstockings and she’s also reading a child’s version of the Bible (new and old testament). She’s finished a STACK of books in the last month and is reading them faster than we can provide them. She’s even planning on asking for books from the extended family (and us) for Christmas this year. She’s seven.

She’s also currently writing two different (and fairly involved) stories. She says she wants to be a writer “like mommy” when she grows up. She flatters me with her imitations and her enthusiasm for the written word.

She’s turned into a voracious reader seemingly overnight and I credit Harry Potter and the Hobbit (and Wayne’s dedication to reading to her on a regular basis from these books — and encouraging her to read to him from the same books from time to time) as the primary reason.

Do I like Harry Potter? Heck yeah! I’d like the story and the magical aura even if it had not impacted my own life so positively… but, like Alex, I would have to say that the movie “was good, but the book was better.”