HotSync Hangs for Treo When Converting to Outlook after Using Palm Desktop

I’ve made the switch back to Outlook. I hated making that decision, but I did it. There’s a new program I want to use, one I think will be an “everything” program for me — like my NoteStudio on the palm and desktop, but with more power. And, to use all the features available, I needed to go back to Outlook. So, after much hand-wringing, online research and chatting with fellow geeks about outstanding security issues, functionality, etc… I took the leap.

Then my Treo pitched a fit. It didn’t want to sync with outlook. At ALL. Then it finally did sync, once. But wouldn’t do it again. I got errors ranging from “Exchange synchronization failed” to it simply hanging and doing the “sync” thing for hours. I even went to bed and left it in disgust last night. But, this morning, in between appointments, I’ve tweaked it and figured out what has to happen to make it work — at least in my case.

Below you will see my version of:

How to Move from Using the Palm Desktop to using Outlook with your Treo 650 in 10 Easy steps.

(Well, easy NOW –after much of my own trial and error!) :O)

First – I hope you have a good backup of what’s on your palm. If you don’t — you should get one at least on your SD card before beginning any of the stuff below. If you have read any of my entries before, you already have a good backup program for your SD card… right? (These are the times when you most need such things.)

Second – Remove anything that’s in your contacts and calendar on the Outlook program if you are just beginning to use Outlook and you have managed to get all your Treo stuff over once, but it won’t go again. If you forget this step, you will have tons of duplicates (like I did) and will have to remove them by hand (like I did) or buy a program to do it for you.

Third – Realize that some events that have “no end time” cause problems. It’s better to make a habit of putting the end time 5 or 10 years in the future for regularly repeating items, rather than saying “no end time” which befuddles some single user syncs and plays havoc on several of the networked versions.

Fourth – Uninstall Palm Desktop.

Fifth – Reboot your computer.

Sixth – Do a soft reset on your Treo.

Seventh – Be sure your username isn’t already in the hotsync que (you can check this by opening up hot sync, going under set-up and the network tab, if the hotsync is still there after the uninstall of the desktop.

Eighth – Reinstall Palm Desktop and when you do the setup during the install, add your current Treo username. Then select, during the setup phase, the “palm desktop AND Outlook” option for syncs.

Ninth – Now, you will have one really long sync process while it coordinates everything.

Tenth – Hopefully, you will have a properly syncing Treo with a new Outlook setup and no issues.

I hope this helps you — these are the steps that helped me.