Better Business Practices Are the Cure for Blog Bashing

I try to be a “kinder, gentler Angela” in my blogs and articles. I succeed most of the time. But on November 3rd, I failed. An article in Forbes magazine on “evil” bloggers managed to “get my dander up” in a way that few articles do. (see my WickedBlog entry of November 3rd) I’d like to say that makes the Forbes piece good writing, or an excellent topic, or (at the very least) a powerful approach. But no — it was just a bad, narrow minded and hateful article.

I tripped across several responses to the Forbes article today from others and of the ones I read, the most impressive was one on how to avoid blog bashing.

You know, it’s an excellent post on how to run a business — aside from the goal of reducing your exposure to bad blog reports. I contacted the author (and Villanova Law professor) Jim Maule, and he’s given me permission to quote his own easy 10-point “cure” for blog bashing here:

How to Avoid Being BlogBashed:

  • Create quality products and services.
  • Sell what you advertise.
  • Make certain your products and services do what they claim to do.
  • Fully test and study your products and services before offering them for sale.
  • Disclose all risks posed to purchasers of your products and services.
  • Tell the truth.
  • Fulfill your warranty promises.
  • Don’t cut corners.
  • Comply with all applicable laws and regulations.
  • Don’t try to buy influence.
    Follow those principles and the bloggers won’t have any reason to bash nor will they have anything or anyone to bash. They might even begin singing your praises without having to be paid to do so. As for the idiot bloggers who in turn lie, take the high road. Sue them. Don’t get down into their gutter. You’ll get just as dirty.

    Prof. James Edward “Jim” Maule
    Visit his Blog: MauledAgain
    Villanova University School of Law
    (post taken from

IMHO, this is also the best way to effectively market your business, to run a successful business, to create customer loyalty, to enjoy your work more and live a better life. Simple advice, extraordinary results.

Or you could follow the advice of the Forbes writer and get down in the muck and roll around. Your choice. Your future (and the future of your business) may well depend on which choice you make.

Thanks for letting me share your words here, Jim!