Tried Out Audible Air Product Today – Love It!

I had an offsite appointment today, and didn’t have a chance to upload my new Audible content from this month (I keep a monthly subscription and listen whenever I’m in the car, walking or even cleaning house).

Audible Air came to my rescue!

I’ve probably “read” more books on marketing and small business and ebusiness in the last six months (thanks to than in the past two years. I’m constantly devouring online content, but sometimes a well-written book is a nice change of pace!

I keep extra books on hand everywhere I go — thanks to my SD card — but I really wanted to listen to my newest selection and I didn’t have time to download and sync before leaving the office.

I did (over the weekend) load up the Audible Air program, so I thought I’d take it for a test drive on my way up I-75.

If you don’t have time to read your industry-specific books, or even if you would like to read the current best seller or the book your best friend recommended… this may be your ticket.

Although the subscription to incurs a monthly fee, the Audible Air program is a freebie for members. And, they have weekly “free listens” available for download, in addition to your monthly selections.

I listened to my purchased monthly subscription and a freebie that I selected a week or so ago… The New Yorker piece called “What Money Can Buy” on (of all things) the ways in which the Bill Gates foundation is funding disease research and containment in third world countries. I must admit that it was interesting.

Although the Audible Air program won’t let you shop for books yet, I’m hoping that the future versions will let me select as well as download my monthly choices in one easy step.