Losing My Senses…

The last couple of days, I have learned how important my senses are for the way I operate.

First, I’m too impatient to sit and watch water boil. Nor can I bear to wait (like a good cook) when things bake in the oven.

I have to get back to my other projects. I knew this, but didn’t realize how much I depended on my sense of smell to do my baking until the last few days… when I’ve had a cold from Hades that’s blocked all sense of smell. So, my family has endured a cabin filled with smoke, alarms blaring and scorched meals. All because the 7-year-old escorted the latest variety of “crud” home from the public school system.

We have nicknamed her “Typhoid Alex” — she despises the title and now tells me “YOU are the Typhoid” as I cough and hack and blow my nose and sniffle and stay exhausted and feel like crap.

So, even with my office strategically situated close to the kitchen (so I can continue to multi-task) my family continues to endure carboned semi-edibles and the place reeks (or so I’m told) with the smell of my small domestic disasters.

I’ll be glad to ditch this cold!

Hope everyone else is staying healthy,