Can I Hear You Now? Yup! Finally, a Volume Booster for the Treo that WORKS!

If you are like me, you love your little Treo, but you really REALLY wish it could be just a bit louder — especially when you are driving along in your car, there’s a bit of road-noise, and you can’t quite make out every word — even though your signal is strong.

The Treo really needs a bit of a boost to volume — especially in “handset” mode and I found the answer…VolumeCare is it. It’s by GoTreo Software, Inc. and I got my copy at… you guessed it… It set me back about $15, but with that boost it makes my life less frustrating and more open to communication.

If you find yourself saying “huh?” or “I missed that, can you pass that by me one more time” too often, this may be the trick for your Treo.

It also controls the mic, the back speaker, the ring tone, the speaker phone and even a headset.