Entrepreneurs Just Want to Stay Home

The SOHO and outsourcing advantages are numerous. I love working in my home office and apparently I’m not alone. In a recent survey by Yahoo HotJobs… 18% of those planning on changing jobs in the next 12 months were doing so because of the commute.

Hmmm… My commute is only a few steps. How’s yours?

The report, quoted in a recent article on Forbes.com states that 40% of the individuals surveyed plan to find another job in the next year, and 21% of them are already looking.

Funny, many of the other reasons for dissatisfaction with the current employment situation are remedied by the entrepreneurial path — with the notable exception of having a better compensation package. Of course, maybe I’m just not looking hard enough for a good small-business and AFFORDABLE health care option.

The reasons sited for the desired employment change include:

Nearly half (44%) wanted better potential for career growth. This is one of the best features of an entrepreneurial path — you grow your own career based on your interests, your skills, your talents and your sheer stubbornness!

Twenty-five percent felt that they were not appreciated in their jobs. I’ve not experienced that since I started working in outsourcing. Occasionally there is the less than perfect client, but they only remain a client as long as I let that happen. Overwhelmingly, the clients I serve are astoundingly appreciative of the work I do to help them. And they are a vocal lot — they send cards, they call, they shoot you an email for a job well done, and when things are going well as a result of your suggestions, planning or assistance. I can’t remember that being commonplace in the “traditional” office landscape — can you?

Nearly a third (29%) of those desiring a job change say they are leaving to work with a company with a higher morale. Well, as an entrepreneur, this one can make you or break you — but it’s YOU that’s in charge of how that falls. Keeping your own morale high when you work solo means developing a strong, uplifting network of professional peers and staying connected to stay focused.

Although the compensation package is a tough one (and is the number one reason cited for desiring a job change), the lion’s share of the other reasons are simply solved with the off-site outsourcing, freelance and consulting brands of self employment — including selecting a more enjoyable place to live (sunnier or cooler, in the mountains or by the ocean — depending on your own definition of heaven).

I read a website article the other day that said something to the effect of “Why work for someone else 8 hours a day when you can work for yourself for 16?” and I laughed. Now, it was a pained laugh, but it was a laugh just the same.

Compensation per hour worked is seldom improved immediately upon home-based self employment. In fact, even several years into it, it’s still a challenge.

But you can do what you enjoy most and select the people you prefer to work with. You can live where you please and you simply can’t beat the commute! Overall, I think it’s a great choice. (I’m sure you are shocked at this revelation!)

If you are considering a move, this may be your time to consider ALL your options. If you have employees, you should know that 40% of them, according to this survey, will be leaving (or want to leave) in the next 12 months and now you know why. Well-informed is well-armed, eh? So what are you going to change about your job in the next year — and what are you doing to retain the employees you have?