I’m Sick of Norton Slowing Me Down! Alternatives to Norton AntiVirus

Ok, I’ve had it with the hurry up and wait that is caused by several sloppy programs on my computer. Yeah, I have programs that are resource hogs. It’s a fact. But, they aren’t all going to survive my fall housekeeping spree. There are some that are cool enough that I may tolerate the inconvenience, but others will be replaced by better performing and better behaved models.

One that’s destined to go (with several months still left on the product before the renewal date) is Norton AntiVirus. I’ve had it with waiting for forever to launch my computer, I’ve had it with watching my system resources make like molasses in January — slow and thick and sticky as heck.

Since I’m probably not the only one that feels this way, I did a bit of research for my readers to show you some of the results of tests and to give you a bit of information from feedback offered by other users of alternative antivirus programs and protections.

I’ve read the stories and I’ve elected to give it a whirl with
Kaspersky’s Full Security Suite
. I’ll still probably keep my AdAware and my SpyBot on board, but I’ll give this one a shot (and I’ll let you know how it goes.)

They offer a full-featured 30-day trial (which I’m downloading now) and an online scanning product that I’ve already used.

I seriously considered going with the Panda product this time, but the reviews I read by actual IT users seemed to lean more heavily in favor of Kaspersky.

I’ll not use McAfee again — I’m sick of the ad-fest that this security program has — and they are always selling yet another product to their users. They look like used car salesmen (no offense to any previously owned vehicle sales associates intended). :O)

The thing that makes me the most nuts about Norton is that when it quits working — all heck breaks lose. It takes forever to go through the manual uninstall process. And, when there is a problem, I’ve not yet been able to get the dang thing to automatically uninstall completely using the uninstall features on the product or on the windows “remove program” options. *Shudder* It makes me nuts. Anything that “rooted” in my OS bothers me. If I say “Get Thee OFF my computer!” I expect a program oblige and be gone. ALL of it. Not leave behind crumbs and mess like a digital version of Hansel and Gretel.

If you would like to read one of the reports I referenced when making my own decision (it was released in August of this year), you can view the report from www.av-comparatives.org in PDF format.

For those seeking a free option for personal use ONLY — you may want to try AVG Anti Virus. They offer discounts for not-for-profits and churches, etc — but the free version is for individual use only. It got fairly good reviews, but is still several percentage points below the

It all boils down to how much an insurance policy is worth to you, I suppose. If I weren’t running a business and if I didn’t stay on line constantly, I’d probably try the AVG option. As it is, I’m going with the